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Returns & Exchanges

  1. Can i return the watch i bought ?

    You have the right to return the watch within fourteen (14) calendar days, returning the watch to its original state, unworn (beyond its test application in your hand), with its original packaging, warranty, operating manuals, with intact labels placed on it (both with the special label of our company and with the labels of the watch itself depending on the type and manufacturer's company), without any modification (indicatively, removal of a part of a bracelet) or interference with the product in any way, accompanied by the documents issued. In this case, you will only be charged with shipping costs through the courier company ELTA Porta-Porta, and optionally you will also be charged with the insurance costs of the product when shipping in case of destruction or loss (if you choose to insure the product for shipment). Please note that STELLA VILDIRIDI S.A. is not responsible for any loss or destruction of the watch during the transport of the shipment. 

  2. If by mistake the company sends other watches than what i ordered or i received it damaged,what should i do ?

    If the order is proven to be executed incorrectly by the company, i.e. in the case of delivery of an item other than that ordered by item or quantity or if at the time of delivery the watch is completely destroyed or for the most part, it is due, within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt, either not to accept receipt of the product in the first place, or request a replacement with the originally ordered product with another up to the amount of the price paid, or request the refund of your price paid. In any case, the company, STELLA VILDIRIDI S.A., has the right to refuse the above if the goods are not returned in their original condition, packaging and with intact labels placed on it, accompanied ALWAYS by the documents issued.

  3. Can i return repeatedly ,more than 2-3 times watches i bought ?

    Not because our company with its policy facilitates its customers in the selection of products through the e-shop, but if it is found settled behaviour of return of products (at the company's unjustified discretion) by certain customers, the company has the right to exclude the access of this user/customer from the e-shop and/or to refuse any subsequent transaction.